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“Check-in” is only available from 02:00 PM to 10:00 PM daily. Earlier or later, “check-in” is possible upon prior agreement with the reception. On a case-by-case basis, this service will be charged; you will be informed and asked to accept this special rate. On December 24 and December 31, there is a particular “check-in.” These days, it is necessary to make a previous arrangement with the reception for the exact time of arrival.

“Check out” at the reception is available only from 06:00 AM to 10: 00 AM. Later “check out” is possible after prior approval of the reception. On a case-by-case basis, this service will be charged; you will be informed and asked to accept this special rate. On December 25 and January 1, there is a particular check-out time you will be informed about it during checking in at our hotel.

The reception, lobby, fitness center, and sunbeds are open daily from 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM. On December 24, December 25, December 26, December 31, and January 1, the operation of the fitness center operates on shorter working hours, which you will be informed at the reception desk upon check-in.

“Breakfast” is available from 06:30 AM to 09:30 AM. If you wish to be served special meals, it must be requested when booking. In case you require it during check-in, we will only be able to fulfill this requirement during breakfast, which will be served no earlier than 24 hours after the request. If you wish a snack box, due to early check-out before breakfast, for one-night stays, it is necessary to request it when booking. In the case of late “check out,” this request can be accepted during booking, checking in, during your stay, or after breakfast.

Depending on the quantity, “Dry clean, laundry and ironing” is provided by our subsuppliers. Therefore, a minimum delivery time of at least 24 hours is required after the request has been placed. The deadline for this service is until 08:00 AM that day. If we provide the service, the request may be made to our staff between 06:30 AM and 01:00 PM.

The hotel guests must be at least 18 years old. If an adult is traveling on a reservation with someone younger, we accept persons over 12 years of age. These are subject to the same rate as for an adult. Children under 12 years old are not allowed in the hotel, their stay is possible; however, only after a review by the hotel and confirmation during booking. We reserve the right not to accept unconfirmed bookings with children.

“Pets” are allowed, however, only after assessing by the hotel and confirmed during booking. We reserve the right not to accept such unconfirmed reservations with pets. To consider such a stay, it is necessary that you provide us with detailed information about your pet. Based on that, you will receive a notice. This is subject to an extra charge.

“Smoking” is strictly forbidden in the building, including balconies and terraces for safety and sanitary reasons.   In the event of a violation of this policy, you will be charged a penalty of € 100.00. If you made a booking via one of our partners and we are unable to charge this fee. We will report you to that partner for inappropriate behavior and non-payment of a penalty.

The “Quiet hours” are from 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM. At this time, noisy and disturbing behavior is unacceptable and can be considered as a violation of the valid legislation of the Slovak Republic.

“Celebrations, parties, farewells, etc.” are not allowed in our hotel, except for the pre-agreed events for corporate customers or family celebrations, which take place outside the quiet hours. These are subject to the reservation of the entire hotel.

Payment methods for your booking: If you are booking via one of our partners and you have chosen “online payment,” then your payment has been already made, and the hotel will charge you only the extra services. If you only made a ‘secure booking or payment on-site’ at the time of booking, the amount for your stay must be settled at the hotel. Payments for secured bookings are made during check-out. If you are staying longer than three nights, we reserve the right to ask you to pay at the beginning of your stay. We accept cash or credit cards: VISA, American Express, Mastercard/ Maestro, Diners Club, Discovery.

“Cancellation of stay” is possible depending on the type of rate you have chosen when booking. If you choose a non-refundable rate that is discounted, we will charge you the full stay rate on the day you plan to stay. For other rates, the free cancellation policy applies no later than three days before the scheduled stay. Cancellation rates and deadlines may vary depending on which of our partners you booked your stay. Therefore these terms do not override the cancellation terms you received when you made your reservation.

“Damage deposit” is a refundable deposit that we have the right to demand from all guests at check-in, either by cash deposit or pre-authorization of a credit card. It is € 20.00 for guests from EU countries and € 100.00 for guests from other countries. We reserve the right to require a single advance payment for possible damages for more extended stays. You will be informed about the rate before your arrival. All deposits of this type are refundable and will be charged after the room is checked at check-out.

“Taxes and fees” are included in your rate. The fees include 10% VAT on accommodation and € 1.70 local fee per person per night.

“Payment for your stay” is carried out individually, depending on the type of reservation and how you made it. If you wish to receive a business invoice, we ask you to have the complete company data ready when checking in at our facility. We only issue business invoices for payments by bank transfer. We must confirm such a type of payment in advance. In other cases, you will receive a hotel invoice with your company details and the receipt of payment from the cash register. If you are booking via some of our partners, whom we will subsequently invoice your stay, it is necessary that you require a receipt of payment from them, as we would charge your stay twice. We can only issue a hotel bill or a confirmation of your stay.

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