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Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle is the main attraction and the symbol of the city. It used to be an important fortress as well as the seat of Hungarian emperors. Currently, it houses a museum and a venue for different events. The castle presents historical and temporary exhibitions. You can enjoy the picturesque view from the castle towers and the courtyard and visit a beautiful garden and a small forest park in the castle area. Thanks to all this, Bratislava Castle is an ideal place for exploring the history and enjoy romantic walks.


St. Martin’s Cathedral
The majestic Gothic cathedral, situated near Bratislava Castle, used to be the coronation temple of the Hungarian kings for almost 300 years. Today these events are marked by a 150-kg replica of the Hungarian royal crown perched on the top of the tower. St. Martin’s Cathedral is one of the most magnificent monuments of Bratislava. It is open to the general public daily except for the masses. The cathedral also hosts classical music concerts. Artists such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Liszt performed their symphonies there.


Blue Church
Officially called the Church of St. Elizabeth,  was built by the Budapestian architect Ödön Lechner at the beginning of the 20th century. It was originally a school chapel of a nearby grammar school. Lechner combined Art Nouveau with Asian elements to create a new Hungarian national architectural style. Although he did not succeed, he created a beautiful work that is still admired by visitors from all over the world.


Michael’s Gate
In the past, Bratislava was surrounded by massive walls. The fortification consisted of four city gates, of which only one remained – The Michael’s Gate. There used to be a moat surrounding the wall behind the gate and a drawbridge.  Michael’s Gate, with its majestic tower, is one of the most beautiful monuments in Bratislava. Currently, it is an attraction for curious tourists who can enjoy the view of the Old Town from the tower, or visit the museum exposition dedicated to the city fortifications, historical weapons, and crafts.


Old Town Hall
One of the most beautiful historical monuments of Bratislava is the Old Town Hall, situated in the very center of the Old Town. In fact, it is a complex of several buildings built in different architectural styles with an ornamental tower and a colorful tiled roof.  One of its curiosities is a cannonball embedded in the tower wall next to the Gothic window on the first floor of the Town Hall Tower.  It is a reminder of the Napoleonic siege of Bratislava. Today the former City Hall houses the Bratislava City Museum. In the individual buildings, visitors can admire expositions of the history of the city, old furniture, and viticulture. The tour also includes access to the tower overlooking the Old Town.


Devín Castle
Devín Castle towers on a picturesque rock above the confluence of the Danube and Moravia rivers. Thanks to its rich history dating back to the ancient Great Moravia, it represents one of the symbols of Slovakia. In the Middle Ages, the Devín Castle served as an important border fortress, today its romantic ruin is a popular tourist destination. The Bratislava City Museum administers the castle, and there are interesting historical exhibitions. From the castle hill, there are beautiful views of the surrounding area. Marked hiking trails lead from the castle to the Devínska Kobyla nature reserve. The Devín Castle can also be reached by a cruise ship from Bratislava city center.

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