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Facilities and Services

The majority of More Than Gym is equipped with machines from GRÜN SPORT. In our Gym you can find the following machines:

Butterfly/delt deck (back, shoulders, chest), hyperextension 45° – adjustable (back), squat rack (legs), narrow and wide back pulley (back, hands, shoulders), biceps bench (hands), abdomen bench (abdomen), pressure benches (breasts), leg press (legs), seated calf bench (legs), kicking forth (legs), kicking back (legs), horizontal bar with aid (back, hands), seated calf bench (feet), opposite pulleys and trapezes (back, shoulders, breast, butt), seated chest press and back pulls (back, breasts), kicking forth and parallel bars (hands, chest, abdomen), seated shoulder press bench with aid (shoulders), multipress with upper pulley (legs, back, hands, shoulders, chest),abdomen machine (abdomen). Dumbbells in various weights from 1 kg to 60 kg from GORILLA SPORTS. Olympic rods and weights from HAMMER. The cardio zone consists of professional MAXXUS treadmills, TECHNOGYM fitness stairs, a rowing machine, and spinning bikes. The entire fitness center is air-conditioned and equipped with air conditioning. The visitor’s security is ensured by the entrance to the fitness zone, only with a magnetic card issued by the reception. Each locker can be opened only with a magnetic card too. Furthermore, each of our guests can, if necessary, store their belongings in a personal security box at the reception, which is free of charge.

More Than Gym does not provide personal trainer services directly but can recommend the personal trainer from the list available. More Than Gym is not a fitness center designed to perform CrossFit exercises.

After the training, each of our customers can use the services of our library with specialized literature or expert advice. The lobby bar offers the customers drinks and nutritional supplements.

More Than Sunbed is our tanning service with Ergoline Sunrise 488 vertical tanning unit. In addition to free consulting, customers have the opportunity to purchase several specialized cosmetics designed exclusively for tanning salons.

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