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Complaints and Guest Reviews

More Than proceeds under the applicable legislation in case of handling complaints. We follow the issued Complaints Procedure, which is available in all our operations. Our guests’ satisfaction always comes first, and therefore it would be helpful if, in the case you are dissatisfied during your stay, you would let us immediately know. We will process your suggestion and let you know about the results. In case of complaints or suggestions, please send us an email to address

Feedback and reviews are subject to the distribution channel where the hotel was booked. Most of our business partners use the questionnaire, which is sent to you after your stay and needs to be filled in. If the distribution channel does not provide you with this option or you have purchased your visit directly from us at the reception, you can express your opinion through one of the independent travel websites. Such as, and the like.

We would be delighted to take some of our recommendations into account when doing your ratings:

Always be fair and think of what you are comparing to. Always compare hotels of the same category and the same type. It is not fair to compare two accommodations that have a different category (star rating) and a different target. For example, it is unfair to downgrade a hotel designed for business travelers because its room lacks panoramic sea views.

Cleanliness for us at More Than Hotel *** is sacred. We do our best to ensure that our guests have 100% clean rooms. Therefore it makes us sad if we receive fewer points for cleanliness without knowing why (no comments left). The precise feedback is so valuable that we would appreciate it if you left a few words in the comments so we know exactly what can be further improved. It is like, at school, you receive your corrected exam, and you know where you made a mistake, so you know what to focus on next time.

Comfort is a category that should reflect how you felt during your stay. We appreciate all your ratings, and we would be even more grateful if you left a comment on what made you feel comfortable/uncomfortable.

The Facilities: this category is reflected by the number of stars each hotel receives. Our hotel is designed for short stays. It is a good idea to take into consideration how many stars the hotel you chose for your visit has. Be fair and objective.

The quality of the Staff, as well as cleanliness, is our top priority. Therefore, if there is something wrong, let us know precisely what we can help you with. We will be glad to hear your ideas.

The category Location includes surrounding areas and accessibility. We meant our hotel to be accessible by different means of transport, not only airplanes. “More Than” has done its utmost to ensure you get the right and complete information about the hotel’s location before your arrival.

The section Breakfast is very commonly evaluated. Feel free to read about our breakfast options on our website before your arrival. Plus, we provide you with the opportunity to request food for special diets. Therefore, if you rate us and you are not satisfied, please include a comment about what should be improved.

Value for money means if what we provide is worth what you pay for.

We appreciate your well-reasoned opinions, which will help us to improve our services and provide even better quality next time you stay with us. The comments are meant to help other guests when choosing the hotel. In case you are dissatisfied with something, or there is a misunderstanding, please let us know during your stay so we can immediately fix it. If we read your comment after you leave, there is not much we can do about Your visit.

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